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Christmas at Maxwell’s | Narrative Feature

Written & Directed by William C Laufer

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Christmas at Maxwell's is an inspirational Christmas drama that highlights the power of love and forgiveness in uplifting the human spirit.  It is the story of a man confronting the overwhelming effect his past actions seem to be taking on his life and his family.

Christmas at Maxwell's is a full-length, HiDef, PG rated, award winning feature.   The film stars Andrew May (Great Lakes Theater Festival), Jacqueline 'Jack' Hourigan (TV personality The Food Network & Slice TV) and Helen Welch (BBC recording star).  Christmas at Maxwell's had a nationwide theatrical release in the Carmike Theater chain.  For Sales please contact: LAUFERFILM

“...brings a message of life and hope.”
Julie Washington
The Acorn Penny | Short Film TRT 14:00
Written & Directed by Tiffany Ann Lauferhttp://www.theacornpenny.comhttp://www.theacornpenny.com


                                 1st place winner

                                      Twin Rivers Media Festival

                                      Experimental Film Category



Kinshasa dreamed of simple things...a Mom and Dad, food on the table...but when her dreams fade she finds a reality not her own.  Alone in a world that forgot about children and their dreams, she has to find the courage to discover her own destiny.

The Acorn Penny is a short film of hope. An artistic work that shines a light on a forgotten part of the world. A call to aid for the living and a remembrance of the 5.4 million people who have died in the Democratic Republic of the Congo’s Mineral Wars since 1998.

The Acorn Penny has played in nine film  festivals to include The Cleveland Museum of Art’s Film Series.  In 2011, The Acorn Penny will be seen in Seattle, Stanford, Los Angeles & Blue Hill with the Women’s Film Institute Shorts Tour.

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If you listen, if you watch...quietly you can hear her speak.  There is a revolution taking place, not in industry, not on the farm, but on the land left behind. 

In vacant lots and forgotten plots there are gardens and land being transformed into a diverse and sustainable culture that in the end will help to save our seeds and biology from forces that have other interests at heart.

If you listen you can hear her voice...

Shot on location at Blue Pike Urban Farm in Cleveland, Oh   Visit Blue Pike on Facebook.

If You Listen | Short Documentary TRT 5:00
Written & Directed by Tiffany Ann Laufer

On the last night of high school, passion and insecurities collide when two best friends come to terms with their friendship and the future ahead of them.

Official Websitehttp://www.honorsocietyfilm.com